I Bought Myself Flowers


Fresh flowers were a something I treated myself to regularly before our littles arrived. When I became a stay-at-home mommy, our budget changed a bit. Actually, not so much the budget but my priorities. Anyhow, my neighbor told me about this farm where you could buy beautiful flowers that I could feel good about ‘splurging’ on. Sunday, on my way home, I stopped at a farmer’s driveway stall and purchased 6 stems of gladiolas for $3. Inexpensive and beautiful flowers are a spurge that is making my home sing today {at least for me}!

I bet you all are impressed that I can have my flowers on our coffee table when I have two tots. I imagine you are thinking, “Wow, her tots must be so well behaved.” Well, I actually want my flowers on my kitchen island but didn’t want to take the picture there because, well, that part of my home isn’t singing yet. It’s Monday morning and around here, Monday’s are messy. During the weekend we enjoy time as a family, doing things, spending time with daddy. Daddy also enjoys creating in the kitchen so we have some catching up to do. Sometimes I wonder if Monday’s would be easier if I did more on the weekend but for us, taking it easy on the weekend makes weekends special and mommy enjoys some time-off (kind of).

Today’s ambitions include putting the kitchen to right, cleaning out the van and cutting the front grass. Oh, and I have to fold up and put away our tent from camping.

Do you enjoy flowers? Have you ever bought yourself flowers?


  1. Very pretty! Isn’t it amazing how such a small thing can brighten a room? We don’t buy flowers very often. I can look out my kitchen or living room windows if I want to see a display (although we’re taking out the flower beds, lol!)

    Did you see the #3 homeschool preschool post on my meme? It has a link to a blog that has free lesson plans and ideas for preschool. Looks cool. You may want to check it out.

    You can also check out donnayoung.org for forms and schedules and suggestions, etc. I used “Learning At Home” by Ann Ward. You may be able to check it out at your library. She covered character, Health, Science, Manners, and all sorts of things in a fun, positive way (with little plays, games and songs) if you need any ideas. I just used her whole book and used library books to supplement.

    Have fun and thanks for linking up today!

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