Teva Sandals for Everyone (Winner)


I had lots of great pics for the review however my camera died, I sent it in for repair and {duh} the memory card is still in it. Who knows if I will get it back. So basically no pics of daddy in the sandals; you’ll have to make due with the littles from earlier this summer.

I love Teva sandals. When I find a product that I like as much as I like Teva sandals, I stick with it! After the privilege to  review Teva Psyclone sandals for Chloe last year, I purchased Psyclones for both my littles this year! Teva also gave Daddy had the chance to review the Tanza and overall he was very happy with them.

Without ever having worn them before, daddy shared his initial impressions then slipped them on as his sole pair of shoes as we headed out the door on our vacation to Paris and then on to the Congo. After three weeks of wearing them steady, while walking miles as tourists like to do, daddy had this to say:

“Comfortable, very minimal straps which I like. Putting them on you need to be careful so the lining of the strap doesn’t roll. There is also one small area that doesn’t have a lining inside the strap. It would have been softer had that area been lined.

Initial wear created a blister. Adjusting the straps to suit my foot relieved this issue. The shoes are sturdy but not heavy.

Good grip, great arch support and very stable. The quality I would expect is certainly there. I love the look and the vibrant color. I would  definitely recommend this sandal!”


I will definitely be purchasing the same Psyclones sandals for Chloe and John next summer (again!). Yes, they are that great. Really. The Tanza sandals are very durable and quality so I have no doubt that they will last. Maybe mommy should buy a pair of Teva’s. Then I truly can say we’re a Teva family!

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