Robeez: Free Shipping, Sales and Helping K.I.D.S.

Robeez has been a staple in our home since 2006 when we discovered we were expecting our first baby. Chloe was born in 2007 and John arrived in 2008. We have had over a dozen pair of Robeez since then. I’ve loved the cuteness of each pair, the quality and also the resale value. Yes, you heard me! I sell the ones that my tots outgrow and usually get 25 – 50% of what I paid for them back! (I wonder if that is acceptable to say in a review?) Quality and durability mean that even though my littles have logged miles and miles on their little shoes, there is still a ton of life left! Anyway, in our home we have all tile floors and especially during the winter months the littles need slippers on at all times. The floor is also really slippery in just socks if you are racing around at break-neck speed. Robeez are the only thing that fits the bill for our family!


I was excited to receive a beautiful pair of espresso loafers from Robeez. They couldn’t have been more perfect for our little man. The perfect blend of casual and dressy; he is able to wear them with jeans on Saturday to run errands and with his dress clothing on Sunday for church. Compared to other similar shoes, I would say these ones are generous in size. His other 12-18 loafers which I had purchased from another manufacturer earlier this fall are almost too small. These ones fit perfectly with some room yet to grow. Thanks to the classic heel design that Robeez is famous for, even with the room to grow, the fit him beautifully and stay on. The Velcro strap is designed in such a way that you can get a very good fit whether you need it looser for chubby baby feet or a little snugger for thinner feet. imageThe bottoms are flexible and easy for little feet to walk in, have a little bit of traction to ensure a stable walk and the insoles appear to be cushy and comfy. Overall, I was completely thrilled with this pair of shoes. This is my first experience with the mini shoes and I think they are awesome! If you’re a bargain hunter, be sure to watch their online sale section and sign up for their email newsletter in the bottom left corner of their site! There are often free shipping deals as well as significant discounts. The only thing better than fabulous shoes is fabulous shoes on sale!


As I mentioned above, we have had well over a dozen Robeez in our home. When you have two tots and purchase two or so each time they go up a size, it is very easy to do. Aimagenyway with every pair, though put to the ultimate test with my tots, they held up and exceeded my expectations. One of the things that first drew me to Robeez, aside from the whole ‘stay on’ promise,  was that they were made in Canada. At some point in the last year, I’m not entirely sure when, they stopped producing their soft soles in Canada and now manufacture them in China. I first heard about this in the summer and was suddenly concerned. Manufactured in Canada (to me!) was synonymous with quality. China? Not so much. But alas, what alternative was there? I’m a Robeez girl. Chloe and I sat down at the computer and picked out her new slippers. She chose the Mary Jane sparkles to replace her Pastel Pink Mary Jane’s. She was very excited about them and who can blame her? Pink and sparkly? A winning combination! She, of course, wore them every day and raced around on our tile floor. About a month after they arrived, the elastic along the top of the heel let  IMG_0874 go rendering the one slipper useless. It wouldn’t stay on. My first reaction was one of outrage and immediately I thought to myself, “China in no way compares to Canadian manufacturing!” But alas, when I calmed down, I reminded myself that it can happen regardless of how vigilant the quality assurance is and what country the items are manufactured in. It wasn’t even Robeez but the elastic itself, whoever the elastic supply company is. The important thing is how the company chooses to handle it and I would say Robeez handled it amazingly well. Though they have a 30 day return policy and this happened a few days past, they did exchange the slippers with their apologies. I did IMG_0441 receive a question about the amount of wear on the bottom for such a short period but I explained that we have tile floors and that seemed to satisfy them. We have not had any problems what so ever with the replacement pair! The only thing I sort of wondered about was that is seems that the leather on the soles of the slipper isn’t as thick as the slippers used to be but I can’t say for sure. It isn’t enough to stop me from continuing to use them though. As I am hyperlinking this review, I am debating on which pair to order for John. He needs 18-24 month slippers 🙂 Such a big boy!

In Summary:

  • Mini shoes are perfect for beginning walkers.
  • Robeez has a great selection of styles in the mini shoes.
  • Mini shoes has the same kind of stay-on ability you would expect from Robeez originals.
  • The change in manufacturing location doesn’t seem to be an issue in regards to the soft sole.
  • Stellar customer service!
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SALE ALERT: Robeez has Boys and Girls on sale for up to 30% off (some as low as $13.99CDN) along with Free Shipping until 12/14/09. You’ll also be helping K.I.D.S. 



  1. Everytime you do reviews like this, it makes me want to have kids just so I can buy all these cool things!

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