Transporter by Mutsy: A Product of Interest


photo by chillgreg

Last week my husband and I drove past an older woman pushing a baby in an old fashion pram. A rare sight!! I love the beauty of old fashioned prams. I love that baby can stretch out comfortably and enjoy long walks. I love that when baby is awake, they see mommy’s face smiling down at them. Alas, a big, bulky pram is certainly not practical in today’s world is it?

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Someone recently mentioned the Transporter to me recently and I popped online to check it out.. It can be classic pram for those nostalgic people like me, you can pop your baby car seat on it and yet it looks to convert easily into a portable, lightweight stroller which is essential for me!It also appears to have larger wheels for those not so smooth’ surfaces that you may encounter.

It is definitely a stroller of interest for me (and I do love strollers!) Anyway, I have never owned a Mutsy stroller, and have no idea what their price point is but according to them, it is their lightest weight, most affordable stroller.

Disclosure: This is not a paid post nor any type of compensation. I did not receive a stroller to review so my thoughts are simply that; thoughts! Enjoy 🙂


  1. I love Prams! I used to have a really old one that I used for my dolls. My mom sold it in a garage sale and to this day I miss it.

    I will keep this in mind for when I have babies!

  2. I do love them as well. I still remember pushng around my dolls in ours too, when I was young! It was blue vinyl with white rubber wheels. 🙂 It would be more comfortable for baby when she's sleepy, rather than slumping over in a seat.

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