Menu Plan Monday April 6

Well last week for a variety of reasons, I didn’t make a menu plan. The week didn’t go so well and it just re enforces why it is worth the extra time to meal plan (thank you Org Junkie!). This week is shaping up to be super yummy (and easy)!


  • Chloe’s love of cereal seems to be waning and she is more interested in having toast with mommy so this week just a combination of Ham, toast and we’re going to try hard boiled eggs again. Last time we had hard boiled eggs it didn’t go over well but I really like them! Of course we still have cereal as an option.


  • We have apples, oranges and bananas as well as strawberries (Chloe loves berries!)
  • And of course staples like gherkin pickles, cheese (& keilbassa) and goldfish crackers. The girls go crazy for those little pickles!
  • We also have raisins but we want to be careful how many we eat since the seem to… well, pass right through them!


  • In cleaning out our overstuffed freezer – I found some Pickerel (it’s a fish for those who don’t know). Scott isn’t crazy about fish but I really enjoy it. Fish and home-made potato fries are on the lunch menu.
  • Left over pork chops with steamed potatoes and whatever other left overs we have from the week. I love leftovers!
  • When all else fails, we always have a good stock of Kraft Dinner. It’s the one prepackaged food that Scott has OK’d 🙂 The girls love pasta so this is always a hit!


  • Monday: Super yummy dry aged black Angus steak.Mmmm. It’s from Strodes – a local butcher shop & deli. A real treat!
  • Tuesday: Dinner at The Keg. Aunt Lori’s birthday party. Hurray!
  • Wednesday: Chicken, Scalloped Potatoes and Corn
  • Thursday: Home Made Pizza (we’re trying out Crystal Paine’s recipe from her e-book Simply Centsible Suppers)
  • Friday: Good Friday. Church in the morning. Dinner?
  • Weekends: I don’t actually plan meals for the weekend. Since my husband loves to cook and create, this is his opportunity to come up with culinary masterpieces. A few weekends ago he made the most divine home-made ice cream!! He’s not a dedicated poster but be sure to check out his blog for interesting food experiences!

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