I work in our “Special” Sunday School class. Our class encompasses some wonderful people who are mentally challenged. They are some of the happiest, most thoughtful and thankful people you will ever meet. I could actually do a post just on our class but today’s post is actually of “waiting”.

Ruth, my dear friend and Titus 2 woman (in spirituality, not age – just in case she reads this lol) does the short and simple devotion each week. This week since we were learning the song “They that wait upon the Lord” she thought we would look into what it meant. It is found in Isaiah 40:31.

I have always thought that it meant to wait on the Lord. To be patient, to trust that His timing is right. To pray and not worry; to truly rest in him. While all of those things are true and certainly a good application there is another one I had never thought about.

Waiting on the Lord like a waiter or in my case waitress. Serving the Lord, doing whatever we can to please Him. Another key point is that we can be waiting on Him while we’re waiting on Him. Serving Him, while waiting on Him. If we are waiting on Him in that sense, he will renew our strength. If we do what he has called us to do (
our beautiful calling) in HIS strength, he will renew ours as we need it. In serving Him, doing His bidding, becoming more like Him we will be able to rise above, to soar above our problems. How? God will give us a different perspective – His perspective. This isn’t to say that our life will be trouble-free but that we will have the right perspective and focus so that we can allow the troubles and trials we do have to accomplish that which God desires them to accomplish. Only then can we come forth as gold.

Maybe all of you have already thought about it this way but never I had. It is so exciting when the Lord reveals to me yet another facet of His Word – as simple as it may be to some. Let’s make sure that we are truly spending our loves “waiting” on Him!