Menu Plan Monday March 23

So this week is certainly not as busy and I am not as embarrassed to share our plan as I was last week!


  • Chloe is back on to bacon but still not eggs. This week we will have: Corn Pops, Rice Krispies or Fruity Cheerios along with bacon. My husband said this morning that it was the breakfast of champions!

  • We still have a few home-made melon Popsicles
  • We have some grapes, strawberries and melon that need to be eaten today or tomorrow. Only enough for 1 or two snacks though.
  • We have apples and oranges from the store this week
  • And of course staples like gherkin pickles, cheese and goldfish crackers. The girls go crazy for those little pickles!
  • Since we have a pretty good dinner menu planned, we should have plenty of leftovers for lunches.
  • We will also use the meat slicer and slice up the BBQ turkey for sandwiches.
  • I am also going to make up a pizza dough tonight and have it sit in the fridge because one of these days my friend Mary and her boys are dropping in for lunch. I thought the kids would like a nice pizza! I had originally planned to pop into the grocery store and pick up a frozen one but since my husband reads my blog I thought I had better not! For those of you who may not know him, he is even more “do-it-yourself” than me!! Very few frozen or canned foods in our house.
  • Monday: BBQ Chicken Breast with mashed potatoes and cauliflower (left over from last week)
  • Tuesday: Sicilian Pot Roast (using Mario Batali’s Ossa Bucco recipe!) with beans, corn, carrot atop pasta. Needs to be ready early as Scott has Choir Practice tonight!
  • Wednesday: Shepherds Pie. Church night – something simple! We have quite a few potatoes that are sprouting so I want to get them used up this week. My poor husband – he’ll be potatoed out! I love potatoes so I’m just fine with it!
  • Thursday: Roast Chicken with Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Brussel Sprouts (so yummy!!!) and a salad (which will not be roasted). We purchased several whole chickens on special. After this meal, we will take any left over chicken off the bone for a nice stew and I will use the bones for stock!
  • Friday: Pork Loin, Rice and Vegetable Medley (a.k.a. use up whatever veggies are left in the fridge!)
  • Weekends: I don’t actually plan meals for the weekend. Since my husband loves to cook and create, this is his opportunity to come up with culinary masterpieces. A few weekends ago he made the most divine home-made ice cream!! He’s not a dedicated poster but be sure to check out his blog for interesting food experiences!
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  1. I love doing a menu for the hole week espasilly cause I have older kids who ask whats for breakfast lunch snack supper all the time, now they just go to the menu which I purchised from the doller store on king goerge road in Brantford. It is a notebook of the same sheet so you use a new one each week, and write out breakfast, 1030 am snack, lunch supper and family evening snack under each day of the week so everyone can see and not ask you fifty million times whats for supper!! You can even have each child pick a meal than evey wensday at our house is macaroni night cause we head out the door so fast for church! Sandy

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