McCain’s Hashbrown Recipe


This was my favorite breakfast growing up. I have several friends who can attest to it’s tastiness though they may have been a little hesitant to try them at first. {Thanks Amy for trusting me all those years ago}. I made them for all my friends when we had sleepovers. And you know 15+ years later I am still making and enjoying them.

It’s impossible to get a picture that makes them look appetizing but I can assure you they’re delish!

  • frozen hashbrowns
  • soya sauce
  • cheese
  • ketchup

Fry the hashbrowns until cooked. Add a splash of soya sauce and grate cheese on top. Stir around and serve, topped with ketchup.

Now that I am grown up and enjoy making things from scratch, I often grate potatoes, drain and fry them for homemade hashbrowns. I enjoy these too, but this old standby will be something I enjoy forever, I imagine.


  1. I remember you making these Jenn! An interesting combination, but they are tasty from what I recall.

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