Interesting Links: February 2011 Edition

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It’s funny. Some months I don’t get a lot of reading in and then others I do. Lots of interesting links this month. I hope you find at least one that piques your interest!

Don’t Even Try to Be Productive @ Steady Mom – A MUST READ THIS WINTER!

Is my child learning enough? @ Simply Charlotte Mason was a great reminder. I love the statement, "the goal is to educate the whole person; to shape the child’s character, habits, will, and mind in order to make him the best person he can be." I would add in there to teach my little ones to know and love God first but in either case it remains the same, facts and academics are not my first priority for my little ones!

How to Balance Structure and Flexibility in Your Life as Mom @ Life as Mom was written by Jamie, one of my favorite bloggers. Embracing your season is such a huge key to balance isn’t it?

The Truth: Lora Lynn’s Homeschool Day in the Life @ Simple Homeschool made me laugh, inspired me, encouraged me and left me in awe. May I always put training littles above teaching them academics.

What a new baby needs @ Rachel & John was a great list and the comments had additional ideas!

When Good Enough is Good Enough @ Productivity Your Way was an excellent reminder. My children will be more blessed with good enough (and time left over for stories) than a perfect home. This is so true in many areas of life right now for me!

Prepare Your Kids Early for a Successful Launch Later @ Simple Mom had some simple, yet important ideas for preparing our children. Easy things like allowing the littles to choose their own Pj’s at night are preparing them for success later. It really is the little things, isn’t it?

Encouraging Husbands During Financial Trials @ At the Well has some really great points, especially the following
Most importantly, we as wives need to guard our own hearts regarding contentment. It’s too easy to become bogged down with the weight of the world when we think about things that are in "tomorrow" (college costs, retirement, how are we going to pay our heating bill this winter, and so on), while missing out on the blessings of serving the Lord, being a helper to our husbands, and mother to our children in the here and now. We can’t control the future, and our anxiety isn’t going to make the situation better…it’s only going to sap today of its joy and strength.

Mean Girls @ At The Well

Repairing and Constructing @ By His Grace had some great reminders about what can be accomplished while waiting!
Why Can’t I Be More Like Her? @ Motherhood Your Way was a reminder that we all need. {Or maybe just me?}
3 Sleep Strategies for the Rested Mom @ Simple Mom reminded me of the importance of having a tidy, clutter-free bedroom along with a few other neat ideas.

Things I Love @ A High and Nobel Calling

I want to homeschool but don’t want the responsibility @ Simple Homeschool – whether or not you’re homeschooling, I thought it was an interesting read. At times, I panic about taking on the responsibility of their education when really, it’s inevitable!

Beginnings @ The Well had one phrase that has been my prayer this month to "set about diligently to be someone worth emulating; that I remember all my daily tasks are to be done as unto the Lord" My little Chloe is looking to me to see biblical womanhood is played out in real life.

What NOT to Regret @ Clover Lane

Home Made Car Air Freshener @ Little House in the Suburbs

How to Cut Boys Hair Like a Pro (2 parts) @ Heavenly Homemakers – I need to learn this! {Now’s a good time since he’s little and oblivious!}

No More Tears; An Unfair Request @ Not Just Cute had some really great points and reminders. If you have littles, take a minute to read this post!!

Do you have a “must read” this month, either your own or one your read? Please Share!