Packaged Cheese Storage Container

IMG_5178 IMG_5180

I was at the dollar store the other day and saw this container. I knew it would suit my needs perfectly. It’s a cheese saver!

We don’t eat a lot of packaged sliced cheese but I like to have it around for burgers or grilled cheese sandwiches. I buy a package of sliced cheese, we use a few then the remaining cheese floats around in the bottom drawer of the fridge; package open. Eventually I end up throwing away the loose packaging and then I have no idea the expiry of the cheese. I’m an expiry date freak. If it expired, I’m not interested in seeing if it is still OK, I just don’t want to eat it all. By putting my cheese in this fancy container, then slipping a square paper in the front with expiry date on them, they are contained, tidy and I know the date! It works for me!

If you have this same “rogue cheese” problem, you could always use a Ziploc container or a baggie and put a little paper with the expiry date in it.