GraceWorks PDF Planner Winner

Link Up Random

A big thank you to those who shared and linked up their goals for the new year. It was fun reading what others are working on and a great reminder that none of us have ‘arrived’ yet!


The winner of the GraceWorks PDF Family Blessings Planner pages is my dear friend, Beth @ Not a Bow in Sight! You can read Beth’s goals here. Amazing since I enjoy her blog greatly and feel like I ‘know’ her.


For those who missed it:  Handfuls of Purpose (the GraceWorks blog) announced a new, downloadable print at home planning aids.

This new product from GraceWorks is only $10.00 until the end of January and includes:

  • Weekly Home Journal Pages
  • Monthly Home Journal Calendar
  • Weekly Planner with Menu Spot
  • Monthly Reminder Checklist
  • Monthly Home Blessings Reminder

Now Tricia was kind enough to send me my very own copies and at first I wasn’t sure if I would use them since I am so in love with my planner already but you know, these are really neat. Simple, yet effective. In traditional GraceWorks style, Christ through scripture, is evident throughout the pages and serves as a reminder of what our true purpose, priority and focus should be!

What am I most excited about in the package? The Home Blessings Reminder! It is broken down into months with suggested tasks for each month/season.  I am definitely going to put that to work for me and as a result, I know my home and family will be blessed!


Buy It!

So be sure to take advantage of the sale, at $10.00 for the complete PDF file set you won’t want to miss it!


(Still working on the blog transition. Please bear with me and the funny, hard to read editing!)