Fresh Pressed Apple Cider (I’m a Bee Swatter)


Saturday we went to an apple cider bee hosted by friends at our church. They host it every year at their farm and all the church family is invited! Apple Cider parties are definitely a Finer Thing!

What fun it. Chloe was able to help put the apples into the grinder and was very excited to ‘help’! DH got right in there too! After grinding they go into a big press. The liquid comes out and then the ladies strained it into the containers. With a wiggly John-John in the sling I wasn’t really able to help in that capacity. Instead, I was the official bee swatter. It’s amazing how may bees there were at our bee LOL.

In hind sight it maybe wasn’t so nice of me to kill the very bees who pollinated the trees enabling the apples to grow for the cider we were making. But there was a lady there who was allergic to bees so it was kind of necessary.

Anyway, I am thankful for bees, apples, wonderful fall weather and fabulous friends who open their hearts, homes and cider presses 🙂

IMG_0116 IMG_0115 IMG_0124IMG_0126

We came home with our bounty, drank some and pasteurized the rest. Today I froze some as well as canned some. I visited this website to see how to do it. I’m going to pull some out at Christmas and New Years. A little mulling spice and some cinnamon; what a special holiday treat!



  1. What a blast! That looks like so much fun. Tasty, too. Would be great with the homemade kettle corn I just read about. 🙂

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