Sizzling Summer: Keep Your Cool!

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I grew up in Northern Ontario where a nice beach day was about 23 deg c (73 deg F). Most of our cars didn’t have air conditioning and neither did our houses. We did have a rogue hot day but with no humidity, it was nice. I now live in Southern Ontario and it gets hot (for me anyway!) especially with the humidity. How do we keep cool?

Your House:

  • Keep window blinds and curtains closed to keep out the sun.

  • If you’re not running the A/C, close the windows during the heat of the day (to keep your cooler air in) and open at night to let in the breeze.

  • If you run your A/C, keep it a little warmer that you would like. Also make sure to clean your filter. Your pocket book will thank you!

  • Do not run your bathroom exhaust fan. My husband read an article the other day that mentioned that if you have the A/C on and the fan running that it only takes an hour for the fan to expel the cool air produced by the A/C.

  • If you are running A/C, make sure all your windows are sealed tightly.

  • Use a fan to help draw cool air in at night and circulate it. If you have a ceiling fan, have it on reverse to draw your cool air up from downstairs since warm air rises.

  • Avoid using your dryer. Line-dry or if you don’t have a clothes line (we don’t yet), use a sweater rack or hang clothes on your shower rack.

  • BBQ, have sandwiches or other meals that do not require the use of the stove or oven. (My husband suggested to me the other day that we take our prepared shepherd’s pie to my parents to cook and share – then we would be heating up their house LOL but they’d get a meal out of it.)

Your Body (and the little bodies that are usually around you)

  • Hydration is key to keeping your body temperature regulated and to prevent dehydration. Little people are much more prone to dehydration that adults so make sure to keep those fluids up. Innate Gear makes stainless steel water bottles for the whole family. It’s easier to sip when they’re close at hand.

  • Get creative: fresh or fresh frozen fruit, popsicles, home made slushies are all great sources of fluids and will keep you cool too!

  • Wear loose, breathable clothing in light colors. Natural fibers are best (cotton etc.)

  • Stay in the shade.

  • Avoid vigorous activities during the peak heat. Mornings and evenings are cooler (generally)

Have a tip for keeping cool? Love to hear it!


  1. heres one that I did not notice if you put aluminum foil on your little windows light will be knocked out and that room will stay cooler

  2. Great tips! I need to get my windows sealed better and replace my filters! Thanks for the reminder. My A/C and my power bill also thank you. 😉

  3. Not only will using a clothes drying rack help to keep you cool. I have read that not using your dryer will save most families between 8-12% on there utility bills. I haven't used my dryer in two years. I definantly have big money savings.

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