Meet My E-Friend, Brianna

I recently stumbled across a blog entitled Stop and Smell the Chocolates. Anyone who knows me, also knows of my obsession addiction intense love affair great fondness for chocolate so of course with a title like that, I had to visit! Right now she is celebrating a one year bloggy friendship and encouraging others to do the same. Here is a little blurb from her post today:

“Since Kim and I realized that it was possible to have a"real" friendship even though we only "met" through blogging, we wanted to celebrate and give bloggers an opportunity to celebrate the fact that bloggy friendships are real friendships. True friends are a blessing no matter where you find them!” (read the rest here)


So I would like to celebrate my e-friend Brianna of Heart(h) Management. It all started in March when she left a comment on my Make Your Own Stock post. She was maybe the 8th comment I had received in my entire lifetime of blogging (Yes, I started in February 2009 and I’m a newbie!). Since then we have exchanged some emails, encouragement and prayers for each other. Though we have never officially “met”, I do consider her a dear friend and am so thankful that the Lord placed her in my life.

Her blog is such a blessing to me as well. A source of ideas, encouragement, and a call to excellence while still being real – you really must visit her. She recently completed a series entitled, “It’s a Real Job” and I highly recommend it! Though she isn’t posting as frequently (with a baby due in a few weeks!) there is plenty to glean from her archives. (No, she isn’t paying me to say this LOL).

I’ve met so many wonderful people in visiting and receiving visits from other bloggers. Thank you all!

So if you have some bloggy friendships that you are thankful for, head over and link up here and here!

Lord, thank you for Brianna and for all of the other wonderful women whose encouragement and comments are such a blessing. Thank you for the friendships that you help us to foster. We pray that You will be glorified in our friendships, blogs and lives.


  1. What a lovely tribute to your friend! And I am glad you are enjoying blogging and making new friends! Your prayer at the end said it all!

  2. Oh, how sweet! Here I am up with pregnancy insomnia and I get on to find this!! What a wonderful little surprise. Do you know how much I appreciate you right back? Thank you, Lord, for creating friendship. Thank you that your Son makes it so much more special.

  3. Doesn't it feel good to give a shout out to your bloggy friends? It's so true that you really can have friendships without ever "seeing" each other.
    Thanks for linking up your post and spreading the word!

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