URS: A Romantic Meal of Steak and Shrimp


Well, this week’s URS theme works out well for me since I actually happened to take photo’s of our meal from our anniversary last week. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of our cooked meal…oopsies!

Anyway, our meal was very easy to put together and in no way healthy or frugal. But it sure was yummy!

We had a porterhouse steak from Strodes but any steak can be done the same way; let it come to room temperature, salt, pepper and a little olive oil and grilled over high heat on a charcoal BBQ.

For the shrimp, we purchased frozen ones on sale (hey, there you go, a little frugalness!). We thawed them, grilled them and then immediately soaked them in melted butter. MMM.




For the cake…I almost hate to admit this because I really do all of our baking from scratch…except this! With the cost of coco it is actually cheaper for me to make a chocolate cake with Betty Crocker (on sale) than it is for me to use raw ingredients! I simply make a box cake mix in two circle pans, and let them cool. I whip up whip cream and add a little icing sugar. I slice up berries (any kind but we like strawberries best!) and put them in the middle with a layer of whip cream and then ice the top with the cream and berries. It is best to sit overnight in the fridge to let the inside berries soften but it is not necessary. This is one of Scott’s favorite cakes…and he has a very discerning palette so when he likes something, I know it must be good!



  1. Great ideas! Steak and shrimp sound great. Thanks for sharing your menu. Happy anniversary – a little late!

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