MINI LOAF PANS: Make your Baking Go Further!

Some Good Reasons to Use Mini Loaf Pans for Desserts:

  • I get 6-10 Mini Loaf Desserts from a Recipe
  • I don’t know about your house but at mine, we can eat a pan of brownies or whatever just because I baked it and it is there. By doing small loaves, we eat one or two and the rest go into the freezer.
  • or I can send a loaf to my parents or grandparents who live in the neighborhood.
  • It seems to make my baking go further
  • They are the perfect size to thaw fast (for unexpected company or the church fellowship you forgot about) rather than racing to the store to buy prepackaged which would cost more.
  • You can thaw out a couple different loaves so you have a good selection to compile a lovely dessert platter (see photo)
  • They slice up frozen because they’re just the right size
  • They loaves are just cute!

I always used foil mini loaf pans from the dollar store and they worked well. However, at the suggestion of my good friend and Epicure Consultant, Carmen Locke, I bought the Epicure Silicone Mini Loaf Pans. She said they were great but she was wrong…they are awesome. They are easy to use, just the right size, no sticking issues while trying to get your baking out and of course they wash SO easily. If you want to purchase a set of these, they are affordable. Let me know and I will provide her contact information.

I have a couple recipes that are my favorites for using the mini loaf pan for. Over the next couple weeks I will share them with you. They are recipes that freeze well without changing texture too much and taste fresh when thawed. And of course they are absolutely delicious. They include Banana Bread, Frugal Carrot Cake, Orange Pound Cake and Brownies, just to name a few…so be sure to check back!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing how much you love your loaf pans…I do too! I use mine not only for loaves, but also for meatloaf, mousse and yorkshire puddings. They are a must for every kitchen if you ask me!

  2. I never would have thought to use them for meatloaf. That would actually really work well for our family!!
    Thank you for sharing!

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